01 August 2012

Supernatural News Catch Up!

I was just thinking how quiet it has been since Comic Con. Sure, there's been some casting news here and there, and The CW just did their thing at the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) summer press tour on Monday, but that's good because it is a sign of the 'working mode'. Less talk more action! I like!

So, this may or may not be news to you, depends on how much you like or hate spoilers. Ty Olsson (Battlestar Galactica; Men in Trees) will play the recurring role of Benny (aka Dean's 'friend' from Purgatory); and The Hollywood Reporter has reported exclusively that Lauren Tom (Men in Trees; Futurama) will play an "intense and overbearing mother to one of the characters on the show." I love Futurama, but never watched BSG or Men in Trees, so I don't know too much about them but Supernatural does not disappoint with the casting of their guest stars, the show always casts great actors even stun demon #1,2,3! Now, I am just waiting for Jesse Heiman (played Fernando in Chuck) to be on Supernatural! Oh.. and Tom Welling and Gillian Anderson.

OK.. moving one! We do have one returning guest star we all love! Mr DJ Qualls (aka Garth 'Mr Fizzles'). Last time we saw him it was in Party On, Garth. Awesome! I can't wait see DJ at the Supernatural Convention in Chicago in October!! Woohoo!!

Another MUST SEE at the Con is Misha Collins!! YES! On Monday, the CW Boss Mark Pedowitz has once again said some very positive things about the future of Supernatural. He very much likes the show to go on as long as he is here, he is a fan of the show. I like this dude! Pedewitz also reveals that Misha will be in at least eight episodes this season. Source TVLine.

Misha also gave a very semi-Misha interview at TCA, like.. he actually answer the questions.. LOL.. He talked about the 'born again new' Cas who is more like the one we know in season four and five (but I want to see more of the stoned version of Cas as appeared in The End.. HAHA); on the maturity of all characters; and teases a bit about the Purgatory stuff. Source The Examiner

Jeremy Carver recently also talked about the 'back to basic-case of the week-on the road' formula and the overall direction and make-up of season eight. And confirmed he indeed has a three season plan, which could take the show to season ten. Source The Examiner  I am really really intrigued as to how Supernatural will look like under Jeremy's direction. I am so looking forward to the return of the show! October 3rd, can you come sooner please?

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