08 August 2012

Revolution Extended Preview; Life After People

It is like watching a movie trailer, except it isn't a movie trailer. It is the extended trailer for Eric Kripke's new epic baby. Although I am not sure if 'baby' can be epic.. but there is always a first time. So here it is, the extended trailer of NBC's Revolution, premiering on Monday, September 17th on NBC. Check your local guide for details.

I don't know Tracy Spiridakos who plays Charlie in Revolution, she was on Syfy's Being Human, but I don't remember her at all. It seems that Charlie could be similar to A Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) in terms of the journey of becoming a strong female character. Charlie is prominently featured in the trailer, and for some weird reason I really like that take on the strong female character. Tracy Spiridakos, like Emilia Clarke, can be a superstar by the end of the season!

I have NOT watched the finale of Once Upon A Time, what does it mean to Giancarlo Esposito's character? Intriguing! I am three episodes away from the season one finale of OUAT, I may or may not start writing about it as fairytale is not my usual forte.

There is a documentary by the History Channel which I got into a few years called Life After People. It is probably one of the most intriguing documentaries I have seen ever! It is features a series of amazing computer generated footages on what might happen on Earth if humanity suddenly disappear. Real life scientists, structural engineers and other experts also talk about a number of scenarios, and the impact of human extinction on the environment and the civilization humans left behind. If you are really into the post-apocalyptic genre, I highly recommend this documentary. You won't be disappointed with the footages and the scenarios the document presents. I got the DVD from a local store, I am sure it is easy enough to find a copy.

PS -- I have been swamped with writing papers for my study, which is good in a way because I really want to do well and I am really a lot about writing process. I have a few fun special feature ideas which I would like to focus on in the next few months for the Impala's Trunk, and don't forget the Supernatural season seven awards feature (written by my Twitter friends and myself). So busy! Before we know it, season eight of Supernatural will be here!

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