22 August 2012

Supernatural Convention - This Weekend in Vancouver

Let the squeeze-fair begin! 

Some of my best tweeps are there having the best time in Vancouver. I am jealous. I really am! But I will watching their live tweets and all the craziness from #VanCon on Twitter. 

Mark your diary and check your time zone. Get yourself a Twitter account and save search #VanCon and names of guests. I don't know about you but I won't miss a second of it! 

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural will take place this week August 24-26, 2012. The final schedule is posted. Jensen and Jared will once again appear on Sunday only. And according to the website, there are still tickets available. If you are in town or change your mind and don't mind the back of house kinda seats, do it! 

Apart from J2, other guests include (first name basis unless they have the same first names) -- Misha, Jim, Matt, Richard, Pellegrino, Sheppard, Julie and Julian. Steve Carlson will appear on Friday during the day as well as the evening concert. Russ Hamilton (Supernatural's Location Manager) will also be there. I am kinda hoping some additional crew member to be there, like Jim Michaels or Guy Bee. 

Finally, something exciting is happening! Jensen and Jared's next convention will be at home in Dallas, and then Chicago

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