13 August 2012

Joss Whedon Returns For More Marvel Stuff

This is the news fans, including myself, have been waiting for. It has been confirmed last week by Marvel Studios that Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with the studios for film and television for the next 3 year. He will write and direct The Avengers 2, and will help develop a new live television series for Marvel TV at ABC.

We know Joss was thinking about it and wasn't sure. But news about his involvement in The Avengers 2 is welcoming, I am so happy I am going to cry. Quality is ensured. Happiness is guaranteed!

It's no secret that Marvel's next phase is to extend their presence in television. Joss' creative contribute will possibly set television history for the next decade or more. Imgaine if a Marvel television series is picked up and do a 'Smallville' (i.e. run 10 years), it will make fans very happy and entertainment is endless! It is also interesting to note that ABC is having success with Once Upon A Time, so they definitely have an existing audienceship of family viewers and they will have no trouble attracting other fans to watch Joss' creation.The CW is capturing that superhero fanbase of WB/ DC as Arrow takes the center stage in Fall. Healthy competition is good and it's the fans who will benefit from the superhero genre. Move over cop and medical dramas!

It's been awhile since Joss has a television project, so whatever Joss is doing, it will excite fans in ways we have not been excited before. Yeah.. I said it.

Read all about the announcement here.

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