01 June 2012

Supernatural Season 8 - Robert Singer's Interview

Executive Producer Robert Singer said a few words about season eight of Supernatural in an recent interview with TV Guide. Nothing too spoilery, but it's good to know the brothers will be reunited very quickly! Yay! But time much time will have passed. It's kinda like season four or six perhaps, Dean was in hell for 4 months between season three and four; and Dean had a gap year between season five and six. I wonder how many months or years we will see. Interview sources: Thanks for Supernatural Fans Online and Gather.

You know what? I always always wanted the (post) apocalyptic wasteland as seen in The End to be part of the setting of the show. I think it'd be really cool to jump 5 years and see the wasteland and how people are dealing with Dick's so-called legacy. But I guess the Leviathans story line are not as epic as the angels' or demons', so that probably won't work.

So once again, Crowley is doing what he does best. I was talking to my sister last night after she watched the season seven finale, she too agreed perhaps there is A LOT we still don't know about Crowley. He continues to be an intriguing character and he is definitely the one to watch! I think the writers have plenty of stuff installed for the King of Hell.

Keeping Meg in his pocket is an interesting thing. I mean, he knows how Cas feels about Meg, and Crowley definitely expects Cas to return. How much does Crowley know about everything?

What about Sam and Dean? I am REALLY REALLY dying to know what Dean's up to in Purgatory. If Hell moves in dog years, four months is like forty-years, then what about Purgatory? That's going to be interested to find out. Without weapons and any supernatural power, how is Dean going to survive Purgatory? How much Cas can do to fence off the monsters from himself and Dean? I think the question is going to be whether Dean and Cas will get out with the help of Sam or themselves; or with supernatural assistance from any supernatural entity.

Five months to go... not that I am counting or anything...

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