26 June 2012

Eric Kripke is one of TV most adorable show-runners: industry report

Booyeah! A New York based real-time analytics and strategy company, Networked Insights (NI), put together some interesting data (that I as a TV junkie totally care) based on the TV ecosystem on the social web. This kind of analytics are increasing becoming important because finally real-time social data is recognised as something tangible and not just random gibberish from fans. Social TV is important especially for media buying and planning. Of course, Social TV is important to networks. CW, for example, they know Supernatural is a hot show because social data tells them so. Can you imagine if Social TV was around for Firefly?
“Networks can now optimize TV show marketing and content around what’s resonating with viewers in real-time.” Sean Reckwerdt, Lead Analyst and Cultural Anthropologist, NI (Can I have a job please?)
Lost Remote has an exclusive insight from the NI report. Four show-runners were listed --  Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries), Dan Harmon (Community), JJ Abrams (everything else) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural). The report basically tells us fans adore Eric Kripke, there was a huge spike in mentions on his birthday.

Source: Lost Remote
OK.. you'd think a professional report should have, I guess better, reasons than Kripke's birthday tweets to back this up. However, stuff like this is important! Afterall, they were monitoring the spike, the movement from social networks. I'd like to think that I and my friends on Twitter have something to do with it.. Together we rule the galaxy! Mwahaha...

NI's CEO Dan Neely also explained why marketers should be paying attention to showrunners’ social buzz. Again, two words -- JOSS WHEDON -- imagine again if social was around for Firefire. Fans trust showrunners!! Fans are more savvy and passionate about their shows, fans know their stuff.

Gone are the days TV viewers just watched whatever crap was put in front of them. Now, fans are smarter, fans are no longer passive viewers. And social breaks the geographic barriers, not only social tells what local viewers are saying, social also tells what international markets are saying too. That's where the money is!

So, tweet on tweeple... Networks and analytics companies do listen to us. Social is important is you want your TV shows to stay around (or go).



  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    Kripke is adorable and adored. That's just self-evident truth. They don't any further reasons to back it up beyond his birthday tweets. :)

    1. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

      *don't need any further reasons


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