01 June 2012

MARK YOUR DIARY! Supernatural Twitter Rewatch Party -- A Tribute to Sera Gamble, Sunday 10th June, 11AM, (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

It's been awhile since the last Supernatural Twitter Rewatch Party. But our Twitter party is back and it's on Sunday 10th June, 11AM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
This time, we are paying tribute to the awesome Sera Gamble and will be rewatching the following episodes.

1.12 Faith
5.13 The Song Remains the Same
7.23 Survival of the Fittest

These are all signature episodes by Sera Gamble. They are great examples of her brilliant writing, and demonstrating why she is one of the star writers of the show. As you may notice, they are episodes from different period of the show -- Faith in season one is one of the most foreshadowing episodes about Dean and his purpose and we witness the different side of Dean and Sam; The Song Remains the Same is the Back to the Future of Supernatural (it's epic!); and Survival of the Fittest is the last episode Sera writes for Supernatural.

So! This is what's going to happen if you are unfamiliar with our Twitter rewatch party.. We will be watching the episodes at the same time (so get your DVD or downloaded files ready, we will be doing a countdown to press the play button). We will be doing live tweets via Twitter. You are most welcome to join the conversation, that's really the point of the Twitter rewatch party. Oh.. and grab some munchies and drinks!

You can follow my accounts: Tiny; Tiny Panic Room; Tiny Flatbread (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.) You can also follow my friend AmyInSydney from Sweetondean, who is the co-organiser of this rewatch.

We are using the hashtag: #SeraGamble

So, be there or be square! Get your DVD or download ready and we'll see you this Sunday (10th June) at 11am AEST time on Twitter! Be sure to check your timezone.

While I have your attention, we will be announcing our Jeremy Carver rewatch a bit later. Watch this space!

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