04 June 2012

Ben Edlund - The ATX Television Festival Panel

I was gutted for about a few hours when I saw rumors about Ben Edlund's departure yesterday on Twitter. HOWEVER, he is not departing. In fact, he is very much staying because Supernatural needs his magic. So, if you were like me, destroyed by the rumors, we are GOOD! Please don't do this again whoever you are, I cannot handle the boo-boo. 

It was Ben Blacker and writer partner Ben Acker who have left Supernatural. They wrote 7.07 The Mentalists. The duo is also best known for The Nerdist Podcast and Thrilling Adventure Hour, which I am a huge fan of. Good luck guys! Ben Blacker tweeted last night to clarify.

Moving on.... Ben Edlund was on a panel recently at the ATX Television Festival. I am hoping to find the recording of the panel. In the mean time, here is the write up from Kimberly Jones of Austin Chronicle -- ATX Television: TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream.

I can now have a good day... And I wish I can buy you a drink.

Peace out V_V

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