17 June 2012

NBC's Revolution -- Premiere date; Kripke interview

Some news on NBC's Revolution. The new series will premieres on Monday, September 17 at 10pm on NBC. The new show is getting some really good vibes from those who have watched the pilot. I too have a good feeling about this show, this could be the new Lost without being too lost!

My hero, Creator/ Writer/ Executive Producer of Revolution, Eric Kripke hasn't been doing a lot of talking about his new baby, but in an recent interview, he gave us a glimpse of the heart of the show.
"We're not interested in nihilism or hopelessness. We'll all survive and be OK if we remember the things that bring us together: family, brotherhood and mercy." Eric Kripke, Source CNN
This interview focuses on the post-apocalyptic theme on TV right now. I think TV has enough of procedural cop and legal dramas, and I for now am done with medicine dramas (but never say never!) But it's refreshing to see something else. I hate to switch on my TV and watch the repeat on NCIS and I don't even watch the show. Come one genre shows!!!

Don't forget, Kripke will be at Comic Con this year for Revolution. Watch this space for more details. 

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