09 May 2010

Review: Supernatural 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

From what I can see, fans and critics are unanimous on how good 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight was. The episode was written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia. Meaning? QUALITY! The episode was well written, well directed and well performed by all cast members.

The episode was jam-packed with story lines! The boys have to deal with two Horsemen in one episode, but I didn't feel overwhelmed. The character Death was so well written and the actor Julian Richings executed the role brilliantly. The introduction of Death with O'Death was one of the things I've seen on the show. Matt Frewer's Pestilence was awesome too. The way I look at doctors will never be the same again. Having missing in the last episode, I like how Pestilence was written in this episode, I didn't need more or less of him.

It was rather epic to see Team Sam went to the warehouse to stop the demons from distributing the vaccines while Team Dean went to kill Death in Chicago. It was like Frodo and Sam went to destroy the Ring, while Aragorn and co fought the army of trolls.

Not only Two Minutes to Midnight set up the season five finale nicely, this episode was a foreshadowing of things to come, almost like a 'back-door' launch for season six. I'm soooo going to tell you how! So.. let's go!

Slimer from Ghostbusters is in the house!

When I saw the green slimy ectoplasm, I thought Slimer from Ghostbusters was in the house! I swear Supernatural writers love the Ghostbusters (who doesn't?). In season two's No Exit, Dean mentioned about the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man when he found the black ectoplasm, it was a reference to Ghostbusters.

Anyway, you got Pestilence being a douche as Doctor Not-So-Sexy. Pestilence's ultimate plan is to release the Croatoan virus. You think swine flu is bad? It's only the first step! We have seen some of this in The End, the Croatoan virus dominated the time line of that episode. As per my previous thoughts (here and here), I'd love to see season 6 to go Terminator Salvation and focus on the damage control or the after-myth of the battle. The Croatoan virus is now a reality, I think it's likely to see this to be the focus of season six.

Castiel needs food, money, a bus ticket.. and a hug

"You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I thought you were."

"Thank you... I appreciate that."

How good was it to see Castiel back? And what a way to re-introduce him back to the show. Cas without his angel mojo, on a hospital bed, talking to Dean on the phone. Cas and Dean (occasionally Sam) have the BEST telephone conversations on television!

Pestilence: "How did you get here?"
Cas: "I caught the bus."

Although Cas lost his angel mojo, but he can still fight. In the hospital scene, he chopped Pestilence's finger out. (Ewww.. and Dean just picked it up like.. oh look, spring rolls anyone?) At the warehouse, Cas kicked asses too. He's been in his fighting mode since Point of No Return and I love it!

I think this episode is the beginning of Cas' transformation into the Cas in The End. I expect Cas to be around in season six and he will appear like the way we see him in The End. Supernatural has killed so many hunters, the writers need to save some for later, Cas is a perfect character who could support and fight with the boys along with Bobby and Rufus.

Riverdance, starring Bobby Singer

I didn't see this coming. Bobby can finally walk! Thanks to Crowley! But I can't help to think Crowley has another agenda. It was soooo good to see Bobby back in action!!!! I love Bobby! While we didn't see THE kiss on screen, cheeky Crowley took a photo on his iPhone! That was priceless!! I think it is the first sighting of an Apple product on Supernatural! Tiny the AppleNut is going nuts!

Sam's hair was so well-styled!

I know I am not the only one when I say this: If Sam has a haircut, it will bring world peace! Sorry Jared! Love ya but can't help it!

Bobby is right, Sam is still a good kid.. there is still good in him! (Star Wars reference!!). What do you think about his plan? It's a BIG risk, but I think he can do it!! I think Sam will succeed!

Perhaps season six will take place 3 to 5 years later and begin with Dean looking for Sam, because Sam doesn't remember who he is after the big show-down in Detroit. You won't see the brothers apart but you know Dean has been looking for Sam for 3 to 5 years.
That would be awesome!

Mr Crowley

Mark Sheppard was once again awesome as Crowley!! I am really loving his presence on the show!!! We can pretty much expect Crowley to turn once this is over! He is a demon, he cannot be trusted. He will always always think only for himself. I don't think he is working for Luci, he just wants to be the boss. I think Crowley will be around in season six and be the main baddie.

To have Crowley as the main supporting character at this stage of the show is weird in terms of timing, but Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelicki really have great chemistry.

Death is old and he likes pizza.

EASTER EGG!! The sign says "Monday to Thursday".. You know?! Thursday!!!

Who wants pizza? It would be funny if Death offer Dean a cheeseburger or pie instead of pizza.

Death: "When I asked for the bill, they wanted me to show them the pension card! So I killed them all."

Death is awesome!!! His introduction took up 1.30 minutes of the episode, with a title song O'Death. This is possibly one of the best produced scenes on the show. The choice of location is perfect, Chicago! It was so Godfather like. This scene is perfect! That's how you introduce someone like Death!

The dialogue for Death
was so well written and masterful. Kudos to Sera Gamble! Dean's reaction to everything Death said was so well performed by Jensen Ackles.

Dean, the watch tower is watching you

Remember in Faith in season one, when Dean was dying he went to see the blind dude. The blind dude said to Dean that he was chosen because he was a young man with an important purpose. What if it was Death who instructed the Reaper to chose Dean?

Death is old and he is more powerful than anyone can imagine. Death has God-like power. What if Death knew Dean's future as well as God did, that's why Dean could cheat death on more than one occasion. Sure, Dean always gets out of trouble and stuff, but it's possible that Death knew Dean would be the one helping him to put Luci back to prison.

The Death and Dean scene is the best and my favorite scene of the entire episode.
It was simple awesome!!

Death's Scythe vs Dean's Amulet

I think it is very very interesting to see a parallel between Death's scythe and Dean's amulet. They serve as the life-sign detector of Death and God. When Dean approached Death with the scythe, it burned. Just as Dean's amulet, it's supposed to burn hot in God's presence. Will we finally get to see God as well? I really want to!!!! But I know I probably won't!

Just desserts

This episode gets 4.666 out of 5 from me! I cannot wait to watch the finale! 5.22 Swan Song is written by Eric Kripke and directed by Robert Singer!! OH BRING IT WITH CARRY ON WAYWARD SON!!

In case you missed it,
Supernatural was a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday (US)/ Friday Australian time around mid-morning/ lunch time. AWESOME! I am so proud of you guys!!

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight scored 2.54mil in rating. Source WinchesterBros.

Supernatural is also doing well in rating in the second half of the season. According to AirlockAlpha, Supernatural was the only genre show to improve its numbers from the previous sweeps period. Full article here.

The CW has scheduled Supernatural repeat on Friday, after Smallville. I think US fans might need to get used to this, because I have a feeling the CW will pair up Smallville and Supernatural on Friday in the new and finale season of both shows. The CW is airing Moonlight (repeat) on Thursday after The Vampire Diary. Moonlight only lasted one season and the CW has a few new shows this year. So stay turned for more on the Fall scheduling.


  1. Couldnt agree with you more. I so want to see God and Jessie. Oh I miss that little anti christ

  2. Really nice wrap up!
    I love your ideas around season 6. I thought the same thing about Cas, and I seriously hope you are right about Crowley becoming the nemesis of 6! I thought this was a very well written, well made ep, one of my favourites of the season.

  3. Yeah! This episode is growing on me... :D


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