04 May 2010

Review: Supernatural 5.20 The Devil Wears Prada

Is it just me or do you think 5.20 The Devil You Know could have been named The Devil Wears Prada?

I wasn't expecting a Crowley centric episode. I was super tired when I watched this episode.
My first impression goes like this: Pissed off Crowley was pissed off because his tailor was eaten (by Famine?); he took Castiel's seat at the back of the Impala; he was talking to the Hardy Boys under a spot light; his plan to screw Lana's boyfriend for eternity was awesome (aka the Horseman's stable boy for those who don't watch Smallville); Crowley's hell-puppy is bigger than Lillith's.

After I watched it once, I was like.. wow, for a demon who isn't too important in comparison to Lillith or YED, I was surprised to see how Crowley suddenly became a key character in the scheme of things. I can tell Ben Edlund actually devoted a lot of his time on developing this character in just one episode. Perhaps because of this, everything else was written as supporting material, including Dean and Sam. I love the chemistry between Dean and Crowley, Crowley was actually funnier and more unpredictable than Dean, he actually got more one-liners than Dean! The episode was jam-packed with Crowley's awesomeness.

Yes. The plot didn't move forward.. well.. we moved forward a little bit with the location of Pestilence, but we didn't see him.

Weird. Dean trusts a demon, but I guess he will think outside the square to get the remaining Horseman rings.

Lana's boyfriend. It was really interesting to link Brady to Sam's past. He was the one who introduced Jessica to Sam.

OK so according to the Winchester Gospel, we know we can never trust a demon. I won't be surprised if he flips and does a Ruby. But if he can't be trusted, what is his end game? If he is indeed an ally, and when the boys kick Luci back to his cage (and they will!!), what will Crowley do? He said that the reason why he is helping is because he wants his life back as a sales-demon, which could be part of the season six story arc. One thing for sure, I don't expect Crowley to be like some sort of fallen angel who fell but he was in fact helping God. So I am really interesting to see what Crowley will do next in the scheme of things.

Mark Sheppard was simply awesome as Crowley. He is that good, I think he is now my favorite demon on the show. His performance out-shinned Jensen and Jared in this episode. He pretty much saved the episode.

Last but not least, what's with the Bobby deal? I think I am prepared. That's all I will say for now.

The next two episodes are going to be sick! Like jam-pack, intense, LOTR-StarWars-epic. Some of the looming questions are:

Will Sam say yes?
What is the strategy to kick Luci back to his cage?
Will we see God, finally?
Will we see Michael again?
Why is Bobby so important?
Where is Castiel and how will be help?
What is Crowley's agenda?
Will there be a cliff-hanger?

My brain can't function now. This has been a very busy week for me. I have reserved the next two Fridays for Supernatural, I cannot frekking wait to see 5.21 Two Minutes Before Midnight (written by Sera Gamble) & 5.22. Swan Song (written by Eric Kripke).

PS - The Papathon took place on Sunday 3 May 2pm AEST. It was awesome to have a John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) marathon. Endless thanks to all for the great time! Again, most of us used JDM as our Twitter icons. You guys are too awesome!! It's a bit small but here is the screen shot of the Papathon. The next Twitter party will be announced later. There will be a few Twitter parties during the hellatus.

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  1. I agree! Not much happened in this episode except to make me want more of Crowle. I though it was odd this late in the season and I hope it doesn't mean the last 2 episodes feel rushed! But I can't wait to see what happens. I have virtually no idea. So BRING IT!!


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