15 November 2009

Supernatural Chicago Convention by CreationCon

I love the Supernatural fandom! If you can't make it to the Convention and you want live update, there is no better place to be than Twitter! Seriously.

I woke up at like 8:30am AEST and followed all the wonderful live tweets on Jim's and Misha's panel at the Supernatural Chicago Con. Dang! I missed Richard Speight Jr's panel, which was on earlier.

Catch all the live action on Twitter. I created a special list on Twitter, I added fans (and cast members) who are actually there. They are wonderful! Thanks for giving us live update with quotes and photos!

You can also get heaps of photos, reports and videos on SuperWiki.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is a big day! Jensen, Jared and Rob (aka Chuck) will be at the Con. I can't wait to see all the tweets!

Oh, you have to watch this!

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