13 November 2009

Abandon all food! Here comes THE KISS in Abandon All Hope

HOLY CHEESEBURGER! I can't wait for this episode! Abandon All Hope airs on Thursday 19th November on the CW.

Look out for:

- Mark Shappard as the demon Crowley who is going to be awesome! He just said one line in the promo, and I am already saying I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIG GUY!

- The Dean and Jo kiss, which I am completely ok with! Jo is probably one of the few female characters I like on the show. Not that I am comparing this kiss to the Clark and Lois kiss.. but my initial thought is that this is sweet! Better than sex with Anna, THERE I've said it! =(

If and I stress 'IF' Jo is going to die, it's a nice closure. I know they are like brother and sister, and they look like brother and sister, but they did have some feelings for each other in season 2, so it'd be a good closure.. =)

- And of course THE showdown between Lucifer and Castiel!

TV Promo

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