19 September 2009

After-thoughts: Episode 5.03 Good God Y'all

Good God Y'all is now one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural. The first five minutes was mind-blowing, totally blew my mind out of Krypton! The first five minutes revealed more twists that set out an awesome storyarc for the rest of the season. Here are the reasons why I friggin love this episode.

The X-Ray
How friggin cool is the X-Ray? I love the idea of Castiel carving the Enochian sigil to the boys' ribs. That's the best looking thing on the show since their tattoo or Cas's hand print on Dean's sexy arm.

God is not on any flatbread
I always love the chemisty between Dean and Cas. This is too funny, I couldn't stop laughing! When Cas told Dean he is looking for God, Dean said 'Try New Mexico. I hear he's on a tortilla.'. Cas actually thought about it for 2 seconds before he replied: 'He's not on any flatbread.' Whoever wrote this line (Sera, was that you?) YOU ARE A GENIUS!

Castiel is using the iPhone
Not really but that would be awesome! Since Castiel carved the Enochian sigil to the boys' rib, he can longer track them down like before, so he has to call them on their cell phone! I did a too silly fanvid on this last year, it's about Castiel asking Dean how to use the iPhone. That's funny to me.

The God EMF
Dean's amulet is the God EMF. How awesome is that Sera Gamble actually wrote that in! It almost feels like she did it for the fans! Too many fans ask about Dean's amulet. We know it was a Xmas present Sam gave it to Dean in season 3, but this... this is magnificent!

Cas is the best angel I know
Cas is pissed off (I wish he actually said the word PISS OFF). But I love it! He truely gave up everything for Dean. It was Dean who asked Cas to help and turned his back on Heaven to help him. All Cas is saying is that Dean should have faith and be more positive. I love Cas! He is the best angel I know!

WAR - what is it good for?
Meet one of the
Four Horsemen WAR. WAR is played by Titus Welliver, he appeared on Lost with Mark Pellegrino. Man! How great was his performance? That slick businessman insurance asshole look.. You know you can't trust him when he tries to sell you insurance. He was totally believable! WAR is represented by the colour red, notice his car was a red mucle car. I actually didn't expect the Four Horsemen to appear this early on the show but then I thought why not? That was awesome! We can expect to see the other three later: Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Dean reads
Apart from skin mags, Dean reads the Bible. He saw the signs of WAR and he recognised them from the Book of Revelation! Dean reads the Bible! I am so reading the Bible! I have read it in Sunday school, but I was never this interested in reading the Bible. Holy Dean! I love you!

Welcome back Ellen, Jo and Rufus
How awesome was it to see Ellen, Jo and Rufus again? It didn't cross my mind that Ellen didn't know Dean was back from hell.. In fact did she actually know Dean was on hell in the first place? Jo honey! She didn't do much however it was just awesome! Hope to see her more this season! Rufus! Anothe great performance from Steve Williams. The intensity of his acting reminds me of his character Mr X on The X-Files.

Kleenex should sponsor Supernatural
The goodbye at the end of the episode was so so sad. You know they will hug again but I wish the last scene just didn't happen! But it has to happen! And there was no Winchester hug! What's that all about? Kleenex should sponsor the show!

Supernatural is too good for The Emmy!
What's not to love about this episode? It sets up a chain of awesome storylines for the rest of the season. There are still plenty of mysteries but you know where the show is going. They tell you things now, and you have something to look forward to. You know you will get answers. This season is set to be the best season of Supernatural and this is how tv shows should be written!

Looking for God? Eric Kripke is God! Good God Y'all was epic-ly awesome!

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  1. A very nice episode indeed. The flatbread line is still in my head :) Misha does such a good job keeping a straightface and Jensen is so good at dripping sarcasm!


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