07 April 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.18 Party On, Garth

Party On, Garth is ten kinds of fun. What seems to be a filler episode on paper, we touched on some of the season arc themes. And on paper, this episode was definitely one of the funnier episodes just like Clap Your Hands if You Believe or Ghostfacers. I actually think the idea generated in Party On, Garth could easily be a Ghostfacers gig.

Writer Adam Glass is emerging as a resident Supernatural writer who is finding his voice and style by writing light and fun episodes. While I wasn't a huge fan of Defending Your Life, I do like his other episodes. I think Party On, Garth is probably his best yet. It was smooth and fun.

I don't normally go into the technicality, but episode's director Phil Sgriccia -- Supernatural's very own master of directing and cinematography -- did a fantastic job on using shots to scare the crap out of me. Japanese horror film, The Ring (1998) freaked me out like I need to go to therapy for life. So the Japanese ghost really freaked me out in Party On, Garth. Monsters I get, freaky Japanese ghosts are just freaky. Turning the light on at night won't help.

The horror element was the side dish, Garth was ultimately the reason I enjoyed this episode so much. The nerdy, adorable, fun loving, Winchester hugger Garth is back! QJ Qualls was good in his first performance in It's Time for a Wedding. He is always going to be written as a light comedic character. Garth is like Agent Coulson, you know -- a supporting character who makes a different and likeable. Garth's introduction was enough for us to like him to make a return. But in Party On, Garth, DJ Qualls totally owned the comedy. The knock-out and Winchester hugs have quickly become his trademarks.

Adam Glass injected more meat to the character Garth this time. We see the smart Garth -- he pays attention to details; he is less dark in comparison to Dean and Sam; his head is still clear, he could probably notice things Dean and Sam couldn't notice. Garth brings in new perspectives. He has the potential to becoming a great assistant and a friend. I hope the writers don't kill off Garth. Bobby is…well…GhostBobby; and Frank has gone missing, the Winchesters have more enemies than friends.

Is it just me, or do you like the Japanese chef too? He was great! I wonder if Bobby would be the one translating the text and speaking Japanese if he was still here physically. GhostBobby could work if it's done right. It's like The Man Who Would Be King, audience see Castiel's perspective, but the main characters don't. That worked perfectly for me. The GhostBobby story could be very interesting, I think we might see a bit of perspective-story-telling approach in coming episodes. I think it adds depth to the story and see different view points -- Dean and Sam working on a case, and GhostBobby trying to help but they don't know it. PS Bobby is mentioned in an up-coming synopsis.

This shot reminds me of Dean in WIAWSNB, when he saw Mary in the alternate reality, I thought he was going to hug Bobby.
As for Dean, I think he knew about Bobby's presence. It's a hunter struggle -- Dean who was the kind of guy/ hunter who didn't/ wouldn't believe things until he saw it with his own eyes. In House of the Holy, he told Sam he didn't believe in angels because he hadn't seen them. As a hunter, he didn't need to go by faith, they could summon Father Gregory and see it himself to KNOW that it was a spirit. Unlike Sam, who used to pray, Dean was never the guy who needed to find comfort from believing in something. For Dean, the closest things to a religion were probably the amulet, the Impala, John's leather jacket, classic rock and pies. That's Dean for you!

But as Dean grew older, when everyone he knew died, when the world he tried to save was in the toilet, he really wanted to believe in something to comfort him, he wanted to believe Bobby's spirit was around to watch over them, to help them. Sam attempted to summon Bobby's spirit but got nothing. But Dean wanted to believe so badly, he was too tired or sad to be disappointed to hear that Bobby's spirit didn't show when Sam summoned it. Dean missed Bobby so much, part of him wanted Bobby to be around in some form or shape. The Bobby's flask and the thought of having Bobby's help from the great beyond comfort Dean.
So.. now Cas is back.. and we know for sure Bobby hasn't left the show, it's no secret that both characters will play a role in coming episodes against Dick.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did… And I'll leave you with this shot! Enough said!

We now have to wait until April 20 for an all-new episode 7.19 Of Grave Importance. Here is the synopsis:

AN OLD HUNTER FRIEND RECONNECTS WITH SAM AND DEAN — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) get a call from Annie Hawkins (guest star Jamie Luner), an old hunter friend, asking for help on a case. When they arrive in town, they find out Annie has disappeared. They trace her last whereabouts to an old abandoned house that is haunted by a powerful ghost. Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#719). Source: KSiteTV

Correction: Previously typed The King Who Would Be King should read The Man Who Would Be King. Thanks to Lucy. My post is now also on Hypable.


  1. I hated the idea of Ghost!Bobby, but I am now really interested in seeing where it goes. I just want him to come back I miss him. But they are going to have to put him to rest. Sad face.
    I really enjoyed this episode. Awesome review Tiny

  2. I loved the episode! I kinda feel the ghost!bobby thing will resolve itself soon. I don't really want an obi-wan ken-bobby wandering around all the time. I have loved the tiny ghost bobby things they have done since his demise, but if bobby is coming back regularly, I would rather it be corporeal! :D nice review tiny!

  3. Deanie _24 Great review! Ithink Gerth is a delightful addition to the show, in small doses. I knew all along Bobby was around. Glad to see I was right for once! Can't wait to see where it all leads!

  4. I don't like Ghost!Bobby. If he's to stay, make him whole. But I do love that he's back. Like, a lot. I thought the exploration of the emotional arc between Sam & Dean was the highlight of this episode. I enjoy DJ's Garth, I like that character, but that story was just the wrapping around the true story of Sam & Dean trying to come to terms with and deal with what's happened. I love how Dean's hanging on....never giving up on those he loves. I'm super excited to see what happens next. I'm so excited for Dean to see Bobby. It's gotta happen! I can't wait!

    Thanks Tiny! And thanks for the butt/back shot. You can see his undies! :D



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