12 April 2012

The Avengers world premiere -- the cast is so good, it cures cancer!

You know that song from Jack Johnson -- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. This song always plays in my head when situation like this arises. All the sitting, waiting and wishing are getting on my nerves! Are you feeling it? How long have fans been waiting for this moment?

The moment is here...Well…almost!

That purple suit cures cancer! It's so damn sexy!
What a good looking and talented cast! The Avengers is not too far away to rescue fans from sitting, waiting and wishing.. The world premiere of The Avengers took place today at the El Capitan Theatre in LA with Joss Whedon and the full cast. It's not like you can't name them and their characters already, but here they are and they were all there at the red carpet today:

Robert Downey Jr. -- Tony Stark / Iron Man
Chris Evans -- Steve Rogers / Captain America
Scarlett Johansson -- Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Chris Hemsworth -- Thor
Jeremy Renner -- Clint Barton / Hawkeye
Samuel L. Jackson -- Nick Fury
Tom Hiddleston -- Loki 
Mark Ruffalo -- Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Clark Gregg -- Agent Phil Coulson
Cobie Smulders -- Maria Hill
Stellan SkarsgÄrd -- Professor Erik Selvig

Alert! Girl crush! Scarlett looks absolutely stunning! Miss her blonde hair.
Harvard Hottie reunites with Annie the Nanny..
Joss is doing heaps of interviews lately. I saw a tweet this morning from a fan that this is the year of Joss Whedon. I agree. Joss is definitely the man to drive this film. Every director out there can say, "Oh yeah I am a fan of the comic, I can do this, I can do that.." But Joss is a fanboy, he is adored by fans, he was born to direct this. Just like the cast was born to play their roles.

I like that Jesus dude but I worship Joss Whedon.
Again.. purple suit cures cancer..
Oh Jeremy Renner.. You're the only good thing in 28 Weeks Later.
Every now and then we, as fans, disagree with casting of our superheroes. For me, I don't care so much about up-coming and recently superhero movies such as Superman, Spiderman or Green Lantern, neither the cast nor the story excites me. But you know when something works for you, it just works for you. It's highly subjective, but that's the fun of being a fan. The Avengers totally works for me.

I am never a superhero movie kinda girl, I don't read comic books, half the time I have to rely on Wikipedia. But I love a good action movie every now and then, these days movies are so expansive to watch especially the 3D ones, they make everything freaking 3D. You almost don't have a choice during school holiday, you just have to suck it up if you want to watch a movie in the theatre. If the movie was made with 3D cameras, I'd go for it, because it's real. It's not like fake 3D where studios just convert a movie into 3D. I was watching Titanic 3D the other night, while it was 'ah memories', I was disappointed with the 3D element. Anyway.. All I am saying is, I just need to make sure my money is well spent if I am going to the movie, 3D or not. And this.. this is something I will definitely pay to watch.

Australia gets the release date of April 25. You bet I'll blog about it!

All photos are from Agent M, Marvel and Getty Images

The Avengers LEGO game will also debut on May 4. I am no gamer, but I like cute stuff. I love how it looks exactly like the movie poster.

One last thing, I was browsing the Marvel website.. Funny thing advertising placement is... The DC/ WB Smallville DVD ad is on the Marvel/ Disney site. Just saying!

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