05 April 2012

Jeremy Carver Returns to Supernatural as the Co-Showrunner

This is the biggest news yet since the announcement of Eric Kripke stepped down as the showrunner of Supernatural at the end of season five. News surfaced this morning regarding Sera Gamble's resignation as the showrunner and my Twitter has been running hot like hot cross buns.

The sad news is after two seasons as the showrunner of Supernatural, Sera Gamble has decided not to extend her contract. I love Sera, I've been a big fan of her episodes for a long time, I fully supported her as the showrunner of the show. I hope she will remain as a staff writer on the show.

The good news is, my hero Jeremy Carver is returning to the show as the co-showrunner together with Robert Singer. Where do I even begin? While it's sad to know Sera's decision, I am over the moon to hear Jeremy's return to the show. Supernatural is likely to return with the new showrunner for season eight. The renewal is yet to be publicly announced. 

Jeremy served three seasons of Supernatural between 2007-2010 before he left for Syfy's Being Human (US), where he is the co-showrunner with wife Anna Fricke. Jeremy wrote some of my ALL TIME favouite episodes including Point of No Return (the 200th episode) Changing Channels, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Mystery Spot and In the Beginning. Jeremy also served as the executive story editor and co-producer during his time with the show. Just like the other half of 'Carver Edlund', Jeremy's signature stuff is very Ben Edlund, you know there are only two people in the world can come up with stuff like crazy.. that's Jeremy and Ben for you! Jeremy is a key writer when the show was heavily focused on the apocalypse. What does this change mean? Time will tell. But I can ensure you that Jeremy will have some really cool stuff for us and I cannot wait to see how things evolve for the show.

What I love about Jeremy is the fact that he didn't take any formal training in film schools, he did a short course in film and met some people, started writing. In the Nerdist podcast, Jeremy mentioned that he used to study government East Asian study and Japanese. Great creative ideas come from the heart, if you're good at what you do, that's all it matters. And because you care about your writing and your characters, not because it's a job and you get paid. (Well, I mean there's that.) I think Jeremy is inspirational, I have much to learn from him.

So, what about Being Human (US)? E!Online reported that Syfy confirms Anna Fricke will be running the show—which was recently renewed for a third season—solo. Jeremy loves us more? Yay!! I love Being Human and I'll keep watching it. But this is so good and I am so happy for the show and Jeremy.

Seriously, without Sera I am sure the show won't survive. She took over a very important and stressful role. The show is intact because of Sera. She's been under a lot of pressure and I totally appreciate her hard work. Her writing is also top-notch, has style and well-thought out. She brought compassion to the characters and captivated the drama and emotions very well.

What I love about the writers of Supernatural is that, they spent sleepless nights to bring you good stuff, they respect their profession and their fans. They don't have the mentally of "Audience don't know if crap is presented to them. If we write it, they will watch it." Some fans may not like some of the stuff they write, but it's stupid to disrespect them. 

You know who else is important? Robert Singer! Bob has been with the show since day one with Kripke. He's always there, and he is hands on. He is one who holds the team together especially in a time of change. Without him, you get no Supernatural.

The change presents a new challenge for the writing team and the cast to take the show to a whole new realm of awesome. BRING IT SEASON EIGHT!!

I expect the renewal of season eight will be announced any second now. I am that excited!


  1. I hope she still stays on in a creative role, like Eric.

    Come on Season 8. Finish of the show on a high

  2. did you mean to say the show won't survive without sera? I think there are a lot of talented writers and people that have been there since the jump that can hold it together. I hope sera writes an eppie or three and stays in a creative capacity! Jeremy has experience running bh and I'm sure he will bring that experience to the table. I can't wait to see what happens! :D


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