20 April 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.17 My Heart Will Go On; MTV 10 on Top

Supernatural had an awesome return this week with 6.17 My Heart Will Go On. I love this episode. It's becoming a formula in a way because just when we thought it was funny-ha-ha-they-unsank-the-Titanic, something important was revealed to us and now.. I am actually quite scared.

"You jump I jump."

Despite half the episode was set in some sort of alternate reality, it was great to see some good heart-warming moments. I like how Dean and Sam worried about Bobby, who have just lost his friend Rufus. I like the return of Ellen. It was a little weird to see her as Bobby's wife, but I didn't mind because I think Jim and Samantha have great chemistry. I like Dean and Sam working on a case. I like the twist at the end about Cas' order. I.P. Freeley was an awesome name. Fate (aka Atropos) was surprisingly a winner to me. I like how they designed her look, she was so the Devil Wears Prada. 'God gave me a job and I went to Heaven to ask for instruction but no one answered.' Great delivery of lines!

With only five episodes left in season six, we are on the home stretch. Let's get right into this week's topic -- Castiel.

"Do you truth me?" "I trust you."

The War of Heaven has been a topic in season six but it has been somewhat a little overshadowed by the Alphas-Purgatory-Mother theme. We are getting to know a bit more about the War and Cas' agenda. Human souls are valuable. But how and why? Death had an interesting conversation with Dean before about souls. That scene still intrigued me. Why did Death want Dean to keep digging about souls? Why did Cas want Dean and Sam to remember Fate? I see a triangle of relationship here (Death, Cas and Fate), but I just can't put my finger on it.

In this episode, Cas reminded me of Cas in season four. He was gray, we weren't sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy and what exactly he wanted from Dean etc. But I think his compassion towards humans never changed. Unlike Uriel or Zach, Cas always liked human. In The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester, Cas said:
"These people, they're all my father's creations. They're works of art. And yet, even though you stopped Samhain the seal was broken and we are one step closer to Hell on Earth for all creation."
In My Heart Will Go On, we found out from Fate that it was Cas' idea to unsink the Titanic because he needed souls for his war machine. What does it mean? What exactly is his plan? Is he gathering forces to fight Raphael or Eve? Does it mean Cas will go dark side and be one of the douchey angels before him?

"I am king of the world."

So Cas is in charge. He is gathering his forces. He is collecting souls. He is giving orders. Whatever his reasons, I'd like to think Cas is planning the counterattack on Eve, not because he is going dark side and becoming another Uriel or Zach. I think Cas loves humans. I'd like to think Cas is trying to save everyone from Eve. May be it's a 'desperate times call for desperate measures' situation, Cas has to do what he thinks is right in order to save humans from that bitch from Purgatory. Because evil things like Eve or demons or any monsters, they think humans are weak and they can just walk over them. Cas burnt the script and threw the rules. But now he has Purgatory and Raphael to deal with. Whatever his agenda is, I hope it has something to do with saving human souls.

Let's not forget, it was a conversation between Fate and Cas. Not only Cas is hiding the truth about the Titanic from the boys, he is hiding a bigger secret. I think Cas doesn't want to loose the only friends he's got. But when Dean and Sam eventually find out about Cas' plan, it's not going to be pretty. But I don't think Cas is selfish, I just hope his plan will pay off... I hope!

And by the way, what exactly does Raphael want? Revenge? Power? Restore balance to the Force? I'll be looking out for major clues from the Cas centric episode!

"I'll never go."

The idea of Cas saving Sam from hell crossed my mind after watching the episode. The possibility was discussed on Twitter with friends. And some of us are scared, including me. I guess on one hand, we love the drama and the twist. But on the other hand, we don't want to see portrayal.

What if Cas gripped Sam tight and raised him from perdition? We know he has the power to do this. He saved Dean before, and there is no reason he can't do it again to save Sam. If Cas really did save Sam, why did he left his soul in the cage? If, and I stress IF, Cas has been lying to the boys from the get-go, then it's gonna be pretty heart-breaking. But I cannot mention this enough, and again, I hope whatever Cas is planning, I hope he can justify it.

It's not a Supernatural season finale if there is no big death. I am bracing for the worst. Cue the music.. 'You're here, there's nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on.'

One of the most anticipated episodes in my book is the next episode 6.18 Frontierland, directed by Guy the Super-Bee. I am so excited about this episode I told Guy a about it. I love Samuel Colt, which is one of my favorite Supernatural topics on this blog. Do not miss it. I am sure this episode will not disappoint.

Supernatural was featured on MTV's 10 on Top on the weekend.. SUPER RADIOACTIVE HOT!


  1. Great write up Tiny. As you know, I'm like you, worried about Cas, worried about the lies, wondering when they started, wondering if Cas gripped Sam & if that's the case, why leave the soul? But also like you I believe that everything Cas is doing is for the greater good & the good of the Winchesters. I think there is going to be a sense of betrayl & hurt before the answer is revealed. Cas will be a hero because that is who he is, but I'm scared Tiny & bracing myself.....we might need to group hug! Can't wait for Frontierland!

  2. No Cas cant die. I am sorry but he cant. He is the saving grace of the end of last season and this season. I seriously dont want to picture the show now without him.
    The big death?
    Lisa. I see Eve doing something to Lisa. But I dont know. Sigh. Just no Cas. Cas is good Cas is awesome Cas wont die. I hope

  3. Kara, I agree...Lisa will go I think. Just Lisa, not Ben. Ben will go live with his aunt! And probably Balthazar will die. I really hope Cas doesn't die. I like him so much. I don't think he's the saving grace of the series though. I'm always attached to the Winchesters, they are the show for me. They drive it and they are why I watch. But I love Cas and I don't want any harm to come to him. I just don't know how the Angel storyline keeps going? Who knows though, they always surprise me.

  4. And Bobby! He cannot die!


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