12 April 2011

Supernatural grabs three awards at TV Guide fan favorite awards thingy

SUPERNATURAL is the big winner at this year's TVGuide Fan Favorite Awards. It won Favorite Sci-Fi show, Favorite Actor (Jensen Ackles) and Favorite Non-Human (Misha Collins.)

My other favorite shows also picked up some awards! The Big Bang Theory won Favorite Comedy and Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck won Favorite Actress! It's time for change. The geeks are taking over!

Seriously I am going all fangirly about Jensen Ackles being fan's favorite actor. OMG! He looks radio-active hot! And he is incredibly talented! People need to look at him and go WOW he is better than any actors in his generation, what's his name Green Lantern...

You know I can't help it! So here are a few screen hots.. I mean shots of the above video.

You can see Supernatural on TVGuide on April 14. Tell your friends. Tell your butcher. Tell you coffee boy. Tell the whole world!!!

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