10 April 2011

(My Version of) Sunday Roasts - Smallville; Supernatural; JIBCon

I had a big week last week, it was exhausting! There are a few things I would like to share with you.. so here is my version of Sunday roast. Gotta love it when I put Smallville and Supernatural together!

I cannot begin to tell you how sad I will be in coming weeks. The final countdown begins! We are talking about hours to the series finale of Smallville. It's only fitting to feature Tom Welling and Erica Durance in this week's TVGuide. I love them! I am so excited to see Tom and Erica on the cover of the TVGuide. That's two of favorite shows on TVGuide this year!! Woohoo!!!!!

I have never been a Superman fan before, but Smallville has changed that and it has become one of my all time favorite TV shows, I guess the journey of a hero becoming a hero is always more interesting and I think Smallville has done brilliantly in that regard. There is no doubt in my mind Tom Welling is our generation of Superman and Erica Durance is our generation of Lois Lane. I am not excited about the up-coming Superman movie, nor care about the rumor of the Justice League movie.

I was watching the Pilot yesterday. It was indeed a very good Pilot. I only started watching Smallville about 3 years ago. I respect how far the show has come and how excited fans are when they see certain characters, plots or scenes. I was also watching Superman Returns the other night. Sorry, but Erica is a much better Lois Lane. She re-defined Lois Lane. The new Lois Lane has big shoes to fill. 

The finale will also feature a John Williams score The Planet Krypton (as featured in the original 1978 Superman movie). EPIC!! Source: EW

I know Clark will become Superman, but still, I am on lockdown and I don't want to read any spoilers! The two-hour series finale of Smallville hits the screen on May 13.

The means Supernatural will have a break, their season finale will be on May 20 with two episodes (6.21 & 6.22). It won't be a 2-hour movie length episode, although the idea did come across the minds of Kripke and Gamble. This leads to my next topic, Supernatural. I totally planned this.

The Supernatural Rome Con, Jus in Bello (JIBCon), is happening right now in Rome. My timeline is exploded with awesome JIBCon tweets. Holy Smoke!!!!! Literally! The boys are HOT! Why couldn't Jensen wear single layer in LACon?!

There are two photo sources you need to bookmark for life! FiercelyNormal & THIS (I don't know who did this one, but you are awesome). SuperWiki has a collection of reports, photos, videos and tweets. Read all about Jensen's Bartholomew and Jared's Francesco!! They are adorable!

I know we are getting Celine Dion next week, but I am really excited about Back to the Future III!!!! I am talking Supernatural of course!! Not long to go, Supernatural returns this Friday on the CW. I love Guy Bee and I'd give him the world.... of random mock-up posters. Stay tuned, I've done something silly again.

Hey McFly.. I mean.. Winchester!

It's not every season you get to see a massive cast and crew photo like this one.. I am framing it! Source: Misha Collins

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