21 June 2013

Robert Downey Jr Returns as Iron Man/ Tony Stark in Avengers 2 and 3

I was excited to see the closing title card of Iron Man 3 -- "Tony Stark will return." Yay, right? But then I thought, hold on a damn second, this sounds a bit strange and causes a slight confusion in my head. Four words, four simple words! 

The studio could've gone for the 'Iron Man will return" but they opted for "Tony Stark will return" instead. I guess no deal was made at the time of the completion of the production, but Marvel Studios certainly keep all options open with phase 2 and 3 in mind. What is going to happen with our favourite Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist?

There are reports about whether RDJ or the Studios will make more standalone Iron Man movies and/or Avengers 2. There are reports about deal negotiation with cast members, which I chose to ignore because I hate speculation reports that add fuel to the fire and I don't care who the source or angle or agenda is. May be there is some truth in this but I honestly don't care until the official words come out. It's not like the press has made it so OMG THEY ARE DOMED. It's their job and we're all very passionate and eager to know about the future involvement of RDJ as Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Another thing to consider is that, RDJ is approaching to the very good side of life, he may not want to do a Harrison Ford and make Indiana Jones 4. But damn! RDJ is still in good shape, this guy practices Wing Chun! Then Joss Whedon came out and said he basically won't make the Avengers 2 without RDJ -- "He is Iron Man in the way that Sean Connery was James Bond. I have no intention of making Avengers 2 without him, nor do I think I'll be called upon to do that. I don't think it's in my interest, Marvel's interest, or his interest, and I think everything will be fine."

So, where am I going with this? I couldn't sleep last night and I checked Twitter at like 2am. And I get what I wanted. It's confirmed that Robert Downey Jr has signed a new deal with Marvel Studios to play Iron Man/ Tony Stark in Avengers 2 and Avengers 3. No Iron Man 4, but I'll take it! I think we have established the fact that Tony Stark and Iron Man is one, with or without his armors, he is still that son of a guy we know. 

I wasn't really worried about his return to be honest. I mean, I don't see Marvel recasting Iron Man now. Marvel is very strategic about different phases and initiatives, pun intended. The Studios started something the industry has never seen before and they are carrying it through to the end. With Joss Whedon taking the helm to develop multiple projects for Marvel Studios including a TV series focusing on S.H.I.E.L.D, I honestly think the next few years are going to be so epic, no one will be able to recover from its awesomeness. I honestly don't see how DC/ WB, or anyone in any franchise, can top that with whatever they have in mind.

I recently read a brilliant analysis from SplashPageMTV in which writer Brett White talked about how the Avengers has possibly ruined other superhero movies such as Man of Steel. I agree with the angles and the supporting points about saving people and hero's duties with reference to the Avengers. I have not watched MoS but I intent to do so eventually and write my views on this movie. Check out the article and make up your own mind.

Back to Tony Stark...he is prominently features in all the Avengers comic stories. For example, he eventually will get involved as a financier in Marvel Ultimates. Also, in The Death of Captain America he becomes the Executive Director and oversees Bucky as the new Cap. Speaking of Winter Solder, I cannot friggin wait!

To wrap up my thoughts, there are certainly unlimited materials -- characters, stories and their relationships -- which the Marvel Studios can put on screen and TV. Great things are happening to pop culture, you and I are going to explode with joy. In the mean time, revisit the DVDs, read the comics and play the games.... oh and don't forget the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which should give fans the life support while waiting to see the big guns in cinema. I think it will be such a treat if RDJ, or any Avengers cast members, makes a guest appearance on the TV series.

In order of release dates in USA:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (TV series) -- premiers sometime in September on ABC
Thor: The Dark World -- November 8, 2013
Captain America: Winter Solder -- April 4, 2014
Avengers 2 -- May 1, 2015

Sometime before or after Avengers 2, we will have Star Wars VIII. Tell me, why is life so good?I honestly Star Wars VII should get the May 4th release date, which would be epic!

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