08 July 2012

Supernatural -- Robert Singer's TV Guide interview; my theories left, right and centre

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I am going to put my fedora hat and crack the whip!

This morning I woke up feeling awesome and happy. I read some spoilers from The Winchester Family Business because Alice Jester got an advance copy of the Comic Con edition of the TV Guide! So apparently there is a total of eight pages of goodies including an interview with EP Robert Singer in the mag. Robert Singer is one of the most well-respected mentors/ executive producers/ directors in the business. When he talks, we listen and learn. We love Bob.

I haven't been this excited about pre-season spoilers. I think the last time I was jumping up and down was when the show announced the angels were coming. I remember I was at the Brisbane airport, trying so hard to control myself. I love the heaven-hell arc, I am a sucker for movies such as Constantine, where there was this huge grey area of good and evil. And I love the mysterious-archeology-god themes in popular culture, for example Indiana Jones. That kind of supernatural theme is very appealing to me. I guess that's why I love the heaven and hell, angels and demons stories in Supernatural. A personal preference, I know, but it's justified as a main arc for the show.

I have previously blogged my views on the heaven and hell, angels and demons theme on the show. As far as I'm concerned, this theme is the big cheese of the show. I think certainly the urban-legends-monster-of-the-week episodes are an integral part of the show, but I just love that fact that the 'ultimate goals' always involve something bigger than vampires, ghouls and ghosts -- heaven and hell. I, for one, love that fact that this is still part of the storyline. Some will question the angels-heaven storyline is not directly linked to the Dean and Sam journey. I bet to differ. It is everything. If nothing ever happens, the boys will never be challenged and did what they did. Sure, the angels and the demons sometimes make Dean and Sam so small, but they defy gravity EVERY TIME, and this is what the show is about.

Like Bobby said before, "The storm's coming, and you boys, your Daddy – you are smack in the middle of it." Dean and Sam have always been in the middle of something big for a long time and they will continue to be challenged by angels and demons. Life ain't gonna get easier for the boys. This is when heroes are born and tested! The supernatural stuff around the boys have to be bigger than them, I think this is the way to test their strength. Like I said before, killing vamps, ghosts and Starships are too easy for the boys. While it's fun to watch, the big bad has to be something bigger like Voldemont and Vader big, and not Jabba, Death Eaters and goblins. So I think as far as keeping the angels and demons, it's totally justified. And if fans only want mummy porn instead, they can write their own fanfic.

Robert Singer has confirmed that season eight is another year of angels and demons. Yay! It will be about gaining control. That certainly ties in with Crowley's role and Kevin's role on the show. A lot of us question Crowley's motive in keeping the prophet Kevin? Now that Robert Singer has said season eight is the show's "Raiders of The Lost Ark year" with a "season-long story quest", and "it's about Kevin and the tablets and the Word of God." So, there are more tablets uncovered? Double yay! If there is a tablet about the Leviathans, there must be others. I have had this feeling about Crowley and his goal, there is something we haven't seen and discovered about Crowley. I cannot wait to see how this year's main arc unfolds. Go Jeremy! Team Jeremy! I can make this onto a t-shirt!

I have also previously talked about how Supernatural has been building their supporting cast 2.0. Bobby and Cas aside, supporting cast 1.0 includes Ellen, Jo, Ash, even the Ghost Facers, they are almost the 'signature' gang from the Kripke era. So now everyone is dead (except the Ghost Facers), I feel that the show has been building up a supporting cast 2.0. You got Sheriff Mills, Charlie, Garth and Frank (who may or may not be dead). Robert Singer mentioned their return is not concrete yet but it's possible. Why the hell not? I love them!

Speaking of guest stars, there are some major iconic names appeared in season seven -- Nicholas Lea, Keven MacNally, Felicia Day, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. Who do you want for season eight? I tweeted last night, I want Gillian Anderson on the show! She has to! It's almost imperative, right?! I would also love to see Jensen's and Jared's buddies Zachary Levi and Tom Welling on the show. I just think it'd be fun, you know what I'm saying?

There is no doubt season eight will test the hero strength of Dean and Sam once again, which is the heart of the show. And what about the big arc of Dean in Purgatory? Obviously fans won't see the boys being separated for too long as mentioned by Robert Singer, the brothers will be reunited in early episodes and there will be flash backs in later episodes. Awesome! Looks like Dean will find his way out of Purgatory.. How? I got nothing! I cannot wait to see it. As for Cas, he will still be on the show to support the boys. I am not ready to let him go, I love Cas, I love him!

"Lightning. Fire. Power of God or something"...

I have previously posted my wishlist for season eight and I think at least 50% of the stuff is possible. But in light of the Robert Singer interview, I have one more thing to add my wish list -- The Ark of the Covenant! I know.. and I don't care if I am taking this too literally from what Master Singer told us in the interview. This year is the show's Raiders of the Lost Ark year. It's not impossible to make the Ark as part of the storyline for season eight. In season six when Cas appeared and responded to Sam's fake 'prayer' about his recovery of the Ark (Sam of course told Cas it was the plot from Raiders and Cas seemed perplexed), we knew then the Ark exists on the show and the angels may have 'lost' it. You got Crowley keeping the prophet, and we know there will be more 'Word of God/ tablets' stuff involved. So something like this along the line is possible.

And of course, I got nothing better to do today than theorising the plot and direction of season eight. But I can't deny the fact that I am very excited to see season eight and I just cannot wait!

Don't forget the Supernatural Comic Con panel is on this Sunday! For now, I will leave you with this clip.

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