03 July 2012

Supernatural Gets Two Special Edition Comic Con TV Guide Covers

That's right fans and friends, Supernatural gets not one but two special edition Comic Con TV Guide covers this year! Other WB shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Fringe and TVD also get their own special covers. But Supernatural is prettier, why, because we have Dean and Sam!

Here is the press release from WB. The special covers will be distributed at Comic Con from Wednesday 11th July to Sunday 15th July at the WB booth #4545 on the convention floor. The mags will be available at newsstands from 17th July. All four sets of collectible “flip” covers will be on sale. I wonder if they are available for overseas order too?

The last time Supernatural got its own TV Guide cover was when the show won the fans' votes in 2010. So, don't forget to get a copy!!!

Remember this? TV Guide December 13-19, 2010

Don't forget Supernatural will have a panel at Hall H and autograph signing on Sunday 15th July. If you are going to Comic Con, check out the autograph signing details here.

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