16 July 2012

Comic Con -- an annual sleepover for fans?

As a fan, I have been following Comic Con for a few years now. Seeing all the live tweets, photos, reports and videos is like being there. And for some strange reasons, I find this year particular interesting and liberating. Seeing all the tweets regarding Hall H alone is quite an incredible experience. The concept of queuing up to see and meet their TV and movie heroes has a new meaning -- Comic Con is officially an annual sleepover for fans. Fans don't just watch television or movies, we LIVE and BREATHE pop culture. And this is why I think the queues and the sleepover are so epic because Comic Con fans are not just passive audience, they know their shit and they absolutely love love love their shows. This kind of spirit is being recognised and appreciated more and more.

So, on the news front. Nothing too life-changing and there hasn't been much OMFG spoilers in my opinions. A Game of Thrones' panel revealed 14 new characters for season three; Once Upon A Time has a few spoilers that we kinda expect; and Marvel has announced the release dates (and names) for Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World. And the Supernatural panel is due within the next few hours, so we will see what OMFG spoilers they will tell us.

This year has a party/ celebration feel to it. The party feel perhaps came from RDJ when he danced his way to the stage and his Iron Man hand.. The celebration feel came from the Firefly 10th Anniversary Reunion, which I think is the highlight of this year's Comic Con. It has been an emotional one and what a way to celebrate the show and the genius behind -- Joss Whedon. There is no better place than Comic Con to do this celebration! Joss always has a presence at Comic Con, but I think this year really feels like a bit of a celebration of a chapter of his life as a writer/ director. I think Firefly itself represents the spirit of Comic Con, it's an annual affair for die-hard fans and Joss' god-like status really connect with fans on so many levels. What's best? He respects his fans and that's why we love him so much!

And the media is getting more and more engaged with Comic Con with all the off-stage interviews, photos and tweets and parties. They've done a great job! I think the actors are very very involved too. Like Mark Sheppard has been coming to Comic Con for what...15, 16 years? And Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine have organised off-site panels. Once a year, San Diego is turned into a pop culture's very own Las Vegas!

Anyway, as I am waiting for the Supernatural panel, I've collected some EW photo shoots took place at the backstage at Comic Con.

Iron Man
A Game of Thrones
Emilia Clark
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Photo source: EW

So, who wants to organise a pajamas party next year at Comic Con?

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