17 March 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.16 Out With the Old

It's back! My life is now in order.. I am sane again. There is a beam of sunshine through the clouds. Thank the lord!

7.16 Out With the Old is written by Jenny Klein and Robert Singer, directed by John F. Showalter. Honestly, I thought this episode was going to be a funny filler based on the stuff I read online including the photos. But I totally wasn't prepared for the gore. The Tchaikovsky stuff and that shot of the ballerina lying dead in blood really gave me goosebumps. I love the return of the curse objects, but obviously the rabbit's foot was a lot funnier. 

I swear that's a Mac. That's a really nice coffee shop by the way.
Out With the Old focused on the curse objects story first, but ultimately we found out a few more things about Dick and his plan. He is funding for an archeological dig and he is building a research center. Dick's plan is international.. there are shits going on everywhere. Will Supernatural eventually go international to kill Dick? Are there any Leviathan activities in Australia? So what exactly is Dick doing? What role will Cas play as season seven approaches to the finale? What happened to Frank? (I am sure he is still alive.)

Before anyone said anything about the Dick plan has been a bit choppy in season seven. I think that's the whole point. Just when you think this story or this town has nothing to do with the Leviathans, you're wrong. Integration is the point. Your dentist could be a Leviathan, your butcher could be a Leviathan, your boss could be a Leviathan, your dog could be a Leviathan. It's the Winchester versus the world. There is no place to hide.

Let's touch Sam. I am glad Sam told Dean about Lucifer's singing Stairway to Heaven to him. We are way pass the keeping secret stuff. Poor Sammy, Lucifer is driving him crazy, he won't shut up, he keeps singing to him (that can't be good if Luci's singing is as bad as Sam!). We know this insanity will drive Sam to break (see next week's trailer). But at least we know Sam is aware that Luci is an illusion.

My silent is your cue... What do you think about this week's episode?

My apology for a short review as I have a suit case to pack. Once this week is over, I will be free again. 


  1. Lovely review Tiny!
    I cant wait to know what Dick is up to. heheh pun intended. There has to be something more than cancer.
    I think Frank has faked his death, much like Slughorn in Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry Potter, I wouldnt be surprised if Lucifer has like Voldemorted a bit of his soul-or whatever angels have - into Sam's brain - cause that would be cool.
    I really enjoyed this weeks ep, but lets face it we are excited for next weeks episode :D

  2. I loved the episode...had and intriguing rhythm of being creeped out totally and humour and mystery. With Sam suffering, yet talking about it I was glad to see Dean worrying about Sam, and caring for in a natural non overbearing way...I very much like how their relationship has matured.
    Referring to the last comment it had also been my thought that Frank had faked his death. :) And really wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery - cancer cure indeed?! Is that in order to take-over in some way?
    Looking forward to seeing Cas again next week and Lucifer of course! Thanks for your great review!

  3. I really should preview my comments. Goodness! way too many typos.

  4. awesome Tiny! succinct! very true stuff. I'm so excited about this storyline! lots of fun, lots of awesome. yay! :D

  5. Thank you ladies.. This episode grew on me, the more I watch it, the more I like it.

    Tiny ^_^


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