28 March 2012

Baby News, Congrats to Jarpad & Gen; Dean's New Jacket; Party On, Garth; The Avengers; Game of Thrones

First and foremost, congratulations to Jarpad and Gen on their new birth baby, Thomas Colton. Sleep, they must. Hope Gen is enjoying motherhood, and the family is doing well and getting rest.

Just Jared spotted Jared on set on Tuesday 27 March. 

There was also sighting of Jensen... It's about bloody time Dean chooses a new leather jacket. And we love it! A few of us talked about how hot his new jacket is -- from the style to its length; from his butt to his legs (again!)

I wonder what the guys at the back are thinking...

My review on Born Again Identity is being delay due to real life. Sorry about that, but I have started. Just need to finish it and I will!! Watch this space. There is something we look forward to... Party On, Garth!!

In other news.. The Avengers are being heavily promoted and it will only get bigger. I saw a really new pop-up board promo at a cinema in Sydney and I was in Hong Kong last week and there it was, I couldn't help it. Twilight, move over!

Hong Kong
Marvel also posted this photo, you can see Joss, the two Chris and RDA. I love this photo so much!!!

Before I forget, Game of Throne season two premieres April 1 on HBO. At least I've finished reading A Clash of Kings. There are definitely a few scenes I am so looking forward to see. And I love Dany and her dragons. BRING IT!

This is such a great promo!!! Fantastic stuff!

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