13 July 2009

My wish list for Supernatural Season 5 (contains spoilers)

I thought I have posted my wishes here and there, but I realised that I haven't posted the full list on my own blog. So here we go!

Bring back the brotherly love:
The brother vs brother theme dominated the overall story arc of season 4. The Winchester fight at the end of When the Levee Breaks was heart-breaking. There weren't many brotherly moments in season 4, they were fighting, going off to do their own thing. Although at the end of the season 4 finale Sam did say sorry but we didn't get to see their relationship reconciled. Although Dean was supposed to be the one to fight Lucifer, but I really want to see Dean AND Sam working together the Winchester way to fight Lucifer.

mytho episodes: I know a lot of fans really like the monster of the week/ stand alone episode. I love them too, but I just want to see more mythology based episodes. I personally want to see more heaven and hell stuff - God, archangels, Lucifer and demons! BRING IT ON!

I want a satisfying ending: Make me cry and smile at the same time please.

The return of Ellen and Jo: I think at least one of them should return to the show at some stage of season 5. Kripke killed off a lot of characters on the show, Agent Henriksen, Meg, YED, John and Mary Winchester, Ash and the psyche kids (the lot!). But he didn't kill off Ellen and Jo, we just don't know what happen to them, and I'd like to see a closure.

(Spoiler: Ellen will return to season 5! I love SpoilerTV!)

God has left the building..... but God is on Twitter!

Seriously, I want to see God but where is he?
Sera Gamble mentioned in an interview recently that characters on the show want to know the same thing. Lucifer is going to make his appearance on the show, why not God? The question is where is God and what is God doing? Who can play God? Morgan Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen or Leonard Nimoy. Highly unlikely! But I think it'd be awesome right?!

Having said the above point about God, I am happy with something else, give me a well known Archangel like Michael or Raphael, I'd be happy.

(Spoiler: Speaking of Raphael... I love SpoilerTV for the heads up. I am truly excited about this!!)

A movie length series finale - this will be so so so so so awesome! Please! Awesome show like Supernatural deserves an awesome send off! Other TV shows often have a movie length episode! I WANT A MOVIE LENGTH SERIES FINALE!!!!!

The question is will season 5 be the last? Well, I think Eric Kripke is certainly treating it like one! Characters we haven't seen for a long time are coming back: Ellan is back, Meg is back, Jessica is back, Rufus is back. Dead or alive, they are all coming back.. I am hearing may be JDM might be back as well! It's a party! Hell..I am also coming back on the show too! (Wait.. I am not on the show..)

A Supernatural game: I had a vision the other day. I want to play a Supernatural game. I don't care if it's on iPhone, XBox, PS3, Wii or whatever! I think it'd be cool to be Dean or Sam or Castiel using weapons and powers to fight monsters, ghosts and demons! If there is any TV show that should (and must) have a game, it's SUPERNATURAL! Lost has one.. why not Supernatural? It'd be so so so much fun to play this! I know there is a role-playing Supernatural game.. but don't know too much about it and certainly not a lot of people are taking about it. Anyone played this before?

So that's it! That's my wish list! What's on your wish list?


  1. I agree with you about most of this. It'd be awesome if this show got picked up for more seasons, but if it doesn't, it sounds like season 5 is going to be bang-up. Can't wait.


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