12 September 2013

Supernatural Season 9 -- New Promo

Are we ready for season nine?


It's about bloody time we see some new footage of Supernatural season nine. This hiatus has been weird and gets weird every single frigging day! 

I am super excited to see Alaina Huffman returning as Abaddon, and Julian Richings returning as Death. Not to mention the return of Bobby, Charlie and Kevin plus a whole bunch of new characters. This is exciting!!
It isn't Supernatural if there is no guilt, secret, angst and hugs. (Pretty much in that order!) So, that's pretty much what I expect from season nine. Let's not forget the boys' good looks! Here's Jeremy Carver talks about this season.

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  1. Francois Sagat will be in a Supernatural episode in 2014. His character may be brought back in the future. This will be a fun year.


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