21 December 2011

Random Wednesday Edition - Supernatural; The Hobbit; A Game of Thrones; Jeremy Carver

First thing first... The voting campaign was going HOT on Twitter and Facebook recently. Supernatural fans don't fail when it comes to voting. So we voted around the clock to make sure our favorite show wins. Should they win anything (Best TV Drama or Sci-Fi), I bet we will see Jensen and Jared on the Awards night, hosted by The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco on January 11, 2012. Here is a little something from the CW:

Here is a great promo for the Warner Channel. This is a cable channel for Latin America and Asia (not to be confused by Warner Bros TV Network). This is owned by Time Warner's HBO Asia/HBO Latin America Group (as a joint venture with sister company Warner Bros.)

The first official trailer of The Hobbit was released today. I have to say, this looks so much better than I expect, not that I was expecting anything less. This is going to be epic! This is definitely done in the spirit of LOTRs, I am glad Peter Jackson came on board for this. It's been like ten years since the premier of the Fellowship of the Rings.

For those who have been following me on Twitter, you'd realise I've been checking in for A Game Thrones. I've been watching and reading the series. After a few months searching for a new show or two to follow, finally I am happy to declare myself as a fan of A Game of Thrones. True Blood didn't really capture my attention, I still haven't checked out Vampire Diaries. I am disappointed with America Horror Story, I keep forgetting to watch Ringer, and I don't really care about Terra Nova, which is on the same level as Merlin -- I may watch it if I happen to be in front of the TV. I've heard great things about Homeland, this could fill my 24 hole and I have high hopes for Once Upon A Time and Alcatraz, they make it to my to-watch-list. Both Homeland and Alcatraz are coming to Australia on Channel Ten and Nine respectively.

So, back to A Game of Thrones, I intent to blog about it from this point forward, please join me in welcoming the series to the Impala's Trunk. I have just finished reading A Song of Ice and Fire, I shall move on to book 2, Clash of the Kings.

Cool winds are rising... Season two of A Game of Thrones premiers in April 2012 on HBO.

I want a dragon egg.

One last thing, another show that I am warming to is Being Human (US). This show has potential and I do love the relationship between the housemates. Not to mention it's by Jeremy Carver. And I love the soundtrack of the show, the playlist is slowly filling up. Speaking of Jeremy Caver, I have been listening to the Nerdist Writers Panel, Jeremy Caver was on the panel awhile ago, he was awesome and inspiring! I want to be Carver Edlund when I grow up as a writer. You can search Nerdist Writers Panel on iTune, this is truly gold. Writers are so under-rated sometimes, it's just so awesome to hear from them about how they started out as writers etc. You can also check out the website here, or follow them on Twitter.

Last but not least, don't forget you are invited to join our Twitter Xmas Party on Christmas Eve. Details here.

Happy Holidays everyone..

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