20 December 2011

Let the baking begin

Every year I bake cookies and cakes for friends and family as gifts. I have always wanted to make something for them, but I suck at handcraft or painting, so baking Xmas-y stuff seem to be the way to go in recent years.

So, my baking commenced today with some shortbread. I am happy with the way they turn out. They are yummy.

This is a perfect photo opportunity, don't you think?

Enough about me... My sister is a brilliant cook, she baked a mango sponge cake for Mama Tiny for her birthday. This is THE BEST cake I've ever tasted in my life! And it's without butter! Like.. seriously, THE BEST! The taste, the texture everything about it was awesome. It was light and fluffy, it was just THE BEST! She even made the white chocolate herself.

I hope my Swiss Roll Xmas Cottage won't fail.. we'll see! I am borrowing something from Not Quite Nigella.


  1. So wonderful and yummy looking. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks Jo! I only find the will to do stuff when I am home for Xmas.. It's always nice..

    Cheerio :)


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