13 December 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.10 Caged Heat

Castiel is just watching TV.

Castiel as Santa delivery pressies for the kids.

This review is a bit long overdue. With Xmas is just a traffic light away, I feel like I am running out of time to shop for pressies, trying out different cookies recipes etc. I have so much random thoughts about Caged Heat! It was action packed. This is what I am talking about! Caged Heat was no doubt in my mind the best episode this season so far.

After a slow start of the season, Supernatural seems to return to the monster of the week pattern, but the show has been feeding us clues which are contributing to a bigger storyarc. I think the season half of the season is going to blow Castiel's wings off. Season 6 is putting all the previous ingredients together -- i.e reapers, vampires, shape-shifters, demons and angels just to name a few. I think it's forming a dough, it's just resting in the fridge. When time comes, the writers will take out the dough, roll it out and cut them in shapes, get them ready for the hot oven. Cookies anyone?


Crowley -- Finding Purgatory is important to Crowley and to find Purgatory, I think Crowley has to die to find it. I don't think this is the last we see him and I think Castiel may have done a favour for Crowley and he doesn't even know it!
Assuming this is correct, what is Crowley going to do in Purgatory? Is it about power? Is another war coming? Whose war?

Meg -- What about Meg? When it comes to Meg, is it just about power, putting Team YED or Team Luci back in the driver's seat, at least in hell anyway? With YED, Lilith, Ruby all dead and Luci locked up in a cage, Meg should be next on the chain of command. If it wasn't Crowley, Meg would've been in charge. That's just how I feel about Meg, but is there more to her arc?

Sam -- Sam struggled with the idea of having a soul -- pain and suffering are just part of the package. Let say if Sam's soul is forced back into his body, it's going to kill him in every emotional way. Dean was in hell for 4 months, that's 40 years and he struggled. Sam is in hell for a year now and he is still here, that's at least 100 years in hell. If I were Sam, I wouldn't want my soul back!

As per usual, Dean is obsessed about saving Sam. And
if he could, he would save everyone. Dean leaves nobody behind and he ain't going to leave his brother in the crap hole. To Dean, having a damaged soul is better than having no soul. Cas made a good point, we just don't know what is going to happen or how bad it will get if Sam's soul is back. Sam doesn't have a say here, if Dean says he is going to have his soul back, he is going to have his soul back! For any complications, they will just have to deal with it. Is this a wise move?

The Civil War of Heaven -- So far, it's been mentioned a few times. We don't know how it will play out or whether it will play a bigger part in the second half of season 6 or indeed its role in the overall storyarc. But there are a few things we know: we know there is a civil war in Heaven. We know Balthazar stole some holy weapons. We now know the
Ark of the Covenant exists, it is missing and it is on Castiel's 'to-find-list.' Supernatural doesn't mention something without follow it through. I hope the Ark will play a part in coming episodes. I mean, how awesome would it be to have Cas looking for it and seeing the boys to retrieve it. I love stuff like this! I love Raiders!

Dean and Sam posting for TV Guide as they found the Ark of the Covenant.

Grandpa Samuel -- Sacrificing for each other is the trademark of the Winchesters. The Winchesters is all about saving people, hunting things. The Campbells we see in season 6 are quite the opposite. That aside, grandpa is just one of those characters I feel sorry for, I see his desperation, but I wish he could be the dad/grandpa Mary and the boys could look up to and not just a desperate douche who would sell his grandsons to the demons!

He is disconnected to the Winchesters, fine! He wasn't there when Mary married John (he never liked John anyway..), he wasn't there when Mary was pregnant with Dean and Sam. It wasn't his fault that he missed all the actions. But Dean and Sam are blood, they are not strangers to him. For him to say to Dean 'I don't even know what you are to me' is really messed up. He is too blind to understand what Dean is trying to tell him. If he continues to live, he is going to die alone. Grandpa is just not awesome!

On another note, there is no doubt Mary and John are still very much in the picture! Ash said he couldn't find Mary and John in heaven, may be they are there, may be they aren't. But if they aren't in heaven, where are they? John escaped hell in AHBLII and Mary appeared as a spirit in Home. Could John be still out and about? Could Mary be stuck in Purgatory after she 'died' again in Home as a spirit? I still hope we will see JDM again before Supernatural ends.

Caged Heat was directed by Robert Singer, story by Brett Matthews and Jenny Klein, written by Brett Matthews.

Another delay review on Death and Cheap Food will be posted later in the week. I am working on an exciting theory to share with you. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice wrap up Tiny! This was an awesome ep, there is so much unravelling in this storyline, I really like it, I'm finding it all so damn interesting. Can't wait to hear your theory, I have been in suspenders ever since you mentioned it! :) And I love your new banner!

  2. i agree with you, Grandpa is so not awesome. i think that there is something fishy going on with that character. i just don't know what.
    i also think that it'd be cool if JDM showed up this season. i miss good ol John Winchester.
    What i really wish for though, more than anything, is that new eps would come on sooner than Jan. 28th. That's much too long to be deprived of Winchester bros hotness!


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