09 December 2010

I don't care about many things (like Ryan Reynolds).. but Supernatural is not one of them

I love you! I just love you! Devin Faraci from Badass Digest wrote this amazing article on Supernatural -- Will SUPERNATURAL ever get respect? I need to hug you! Supernatural fans, read the articles here.

The show has great writing, great cast, great music and great direction.
The show is funny, the one-liners are killers. And above all things, everyone on the show respects the materials and grateful for being part of something unique. Supernatural has never had a flat episode, there is always something I like about an episode, even the not so awesome ones like Bugs.

Supernatural is super clever. The thing I love about Supernatural is that the writers put so much thoughts into the construct of the story. They do heaps of research on the subject matters whether they be monsters or angels. On one hand, the subject matter is something we are familiar with (like how many lores are there on vampires and shape-shifters, right?). But on the other hand, Supernatural writers manage to put their own creative stamp on the idea every week. Each episode is carefully crafted, I cannot name an episode that was sloppy.

Kudos to the creator of the show, Eric Kripke. He has no ego, he has low self-esteem, he is unique, he is humble and he is super weird! What's on his mind -- I don't want to know! Killing Santa and Mrs Santa is an awful but awesome idea! Kripke is almost like Joss Whedon, but sorry Whedon fans, Kripke is better. (And I love Joss too). Kripke is not JJ Abram or Alan Ball, hell Kripke is not even listed as one of the top 50 showrunners by Hollywood Reporters. But you know what, who cares?! Long live Cult Kripke..

Kripke is writing and will be directing an episode for season 6. I can't wait to watch it! I am also super excited about any ideas Kripke has in mind about his next project, whatever that is, I will be watching!! Bring it!

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