26 August 2013

A Short Story -- Mending a Broken Heart

I had a moment the other day. I wrote a super short story -- Mending a Broken Heart: If That's Even Possible. This was made live on Medium this evening, please check it out. Here is the preview:
"It was surreal. There I was, standing on the platform, doing my own thing, minding my own business. And then you hit me like a bullet train. I didn’t see you coming. I didn’t see you leaving. When I woke up I asked myself, “What the hell just happened?” 

You didn’t just brush past. You hit me 300mph because it was fun for you. I was just another pedestrian in your eyes. People I chose to be with were never ‘just another pedestrian’. Perhaps I was disappointed with myself this time. I stood too close to the edge of the platform. I didn’t pay attention to what was coming. I didn’t hear any announcement. I didn’t see any signal..."

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